Things to Remember

Things to Remember
As you prepare for your wedding day you will begin to make lists, of the many things you will want to remember or things you must do. These lists will assist you in ensuring that you haven't forgotten anything important, and will help ease your mind as the date of your wedding gets closer.

Some things you will want to add to your "To Do" list include:

*Choosing your wedding venue and signing the venue contract. Read the contract details before signing.
*Sending out Save The Date notices to your family and friends
*Consider purchasing Wedding Cancellation Insurance to protect yourself should an emergency occur and your wedding is postponed or cancelled.  
*Dress shopping for you and your wedding party
*Choosing and signing contracts for all of your wedding vendors.
       *Be sure to contract with your planner, caterer, DJ and photographer early as their calendars fill early.
       *Read reviews on all vendors before signing contracts or paying deposits.
       *Hire wedding vendors that carry their own liability insurance
*Finalize your theme and colors, and begin collecting the special items that will make your event uniquely yours, such as guest book, cake knife, cake topper, toasting flutes, table numbers, welcome signs, favors, programs and seating chart.
      *Remember you do not need to have all of these items - these are simply suggestions. 
*You will want to meet with a florist, your planner, or an artistic friend to design your dinner table centerpieces, and ceremony area decor.
     *You must remember to verify that candles are allowed at your venue should you choose to use candles.  Many locations do no allow real candles, or allow candles only if enclosed in glass.
     *Review all details with florist before signing contract. Confirm details on returning of florist containers, and breakage fees.
*Talk to your caterer or local bakers for dessert ideas, and sign contracts promptly.
     *Ensure your contract indicates your wedding date, and a complete description of the cake and the delivery instructions for the cake. Confirm details on return of cake stands if used.
*Create your beverage menu and determine if bar staff will be needed.
     *Many caterers can provide staff for your bar if requested.
     *Verify the property regulations regarding alcohol. Some venues do not allow outside alcohol.
*Create a timeline for your wedding day.
    *Allow sufficient time for photos after the ceremony, but consider the comfort of your guests.
    *Adhere to the venue's noise requirements, and be certain to end music at the time required.
         *Your wedding planner will assist you with this, and will forward the timeline to your other vendors.
*Arrange for your set up and clean up staff.
     *Your planner may be able to assist you with this, or the venue may provide this service.  Be clear with what the venue requires, and with the time available for your use at the venue.
     *Provide snacks and beverages to your set up and clean up staff.
*Determine your rental needs for the ceremony, cocktail reception and dinner-dancing reception
     *Your planner or venue may assist you with this.
*Assign a family member or friend to store your wedding gifts after the ceremony, and/or reception.
     *Your planner may assist you with this.
*Assign a family member or friend to finalize set up immediately before the ceremony and reception.
     *Gift table, pre-ceremony beverages, favors, programs, fans, lighting of candles, etc... at ceremony area, and to close up the area after the ceremony and photos.
     *Guest book, seating chart, favors display, any outdoor table decor, card box, reception area, and to close up the area at the end of the reception.
*Purchase liability insurance as required by the venue or wedding vendors.
*Consider the comfort of your guests and make arrangements as needed
     *Is there sufficient shade from the sun, or protection from rain?
     *Is there sufficient seating available?
     *Is the venue handicapped accessible?
     *Are there adequate rest rooms available?
     *Is there adequate lighting in the parking areas?
     *Will your guests have sufficient food and beverages while you are taking photos?
     *Do you have heaters or air conditioners available for use if needed?
*Advise your caterer if you are providing Vendor Dinners when you submit your final guest count
*Follow up with all vendors 3 weeks before the wedding, confirm the timelines, and finalize the equipment that is provided by the vendor, and what you are expected to provide.
     *Your planner may send vendors the timelines and answer these last minute details.
Keep all of your contracts, insurance policies, samples, idea photos, menus, vendor contact numbers and these lists together in a folder, and keep the folder in a safe location.  You will want to take the folder with you to appointments with your planner or venue for quick reference.

It can feel overwhelming to make these numerous decisions, and to keep everything organized,but making the decisions early allows you to release the responsibility to the experts.  Choose vendors with good reputations, vendors who have previously worked at your venue, and vendors that work well with the other vendors on your team.  Knowing you have a Dream Team will help you to relax and enjoy the planning process and the wedding weekend.  Your planner can assist you in making contact with the best vendors in your venue area.

Events Extraordinaire specializes in design and coordination and we are happy to help you connect with the best team available. We receive no commissions or referral fees from vendors and make suggestions based on matching you with the style you desire and your budget, along with the customer service we have observed from the wedding vendors in the past.
Events Extraordinaire will assist you in creating your timelines, vendor task details, your set up To Do Lists, your ceremony chart, floor plans, linen and other rental orders, and will provide a communication link between your wedding day vendors.  We assist you in the many details that help to make the day run smoothly, and help make the day as stress-free as possible.

Keep your lists nearby, but give us a call if we can be of assistance.

Wedding Favors

Wedding Favors at an Events Extraordinaire wedding.
Wedding Favors are a little gift you give your guests as a reminder of your wedding day.

Small live plants are a great way to have guests remember your special day, especially when the plants are easy to care for, such as these mini-succulent plants.  

It's helpful to provide small bags or boxes so the plants don't spill in the cars on their way home.