Mixing Old With New

Your wedding or special event becomes One Of a Kind with tiny touches and details, mixing together Old and New items.

Pictured at the right, you will see the table displays a collection of old books and canning jars, used in a creative way. The bride made the table numbers with embroidery hoops, and the needlework was time consuming, but worth the effort.  

Embracing the personality of your event venue, and gathering together items that are special to you, together with items you may need to rent, your event will be special and One of a Kind.

Contact us for design ideas. We are happy to assist you in creating the special day of your dreams.  Events Extraordinaire Wedding and Event Planning.

Personalize your wedding or special event

With a little imagination you can make your wedding special by adding personal touches to your decor and favors. The wedding pictured was a wonderful example of making the day "Their Own" with stories on the table decorations, and the S'mores as their favor.
The entire day was filled with items special to the bride and groom.
How did you meet? What do you and that special someone like to do together? Where have you traveled together? What is the hobby or vocation that you two share?  Think about your common interests or memories, and share them with your guests at your wedding.
Ask your wedding planner for suggestions.  We can assist you in making your day special and personal.