Adding "Sparkle" to your holiday parties

Create a memorable holiday party by adding a splash of sparkle. Candlelight will enhance the shimmer even more, instantly bringing a festive feeling to your gathering.

This tip will work, whether you are planning a party for 100 guests, or simply a dinner party for four. Embrace the spirit of the holidays with sparkle and shine.

Happy Holidays to All.

A comment on Greener, Eco Friendly weddings.

Recently I received this comment from someone supporting the use of Greener, Eco Friendly wedding plans.

Tyler said...
Go Green! A green wedding not only makes you feel good to be married to the one you love, but also because you are helping the planet. The only way to go!
October 29, 2008 9:17 PM

Holiday Weddings

Planning your wedding during the holiday season may sound difficult, but there are some advantages.

What better time to hold your wedding than when the family is already together, and the decorations are already up? Trees, lights and candles make the perfect wedding decor, and can save you money. Additionally, your extended family can travel into town to be a guest at your wedding and also spend the holiday together with the whole family.

Trying to get everyone together for a wedding on Christmas may be asking too much, but a day or two afterwards can work well. With simple changes to your holiday decorations, you can create a memorable magical winter setting.

Utilizing the the planning services of your wedding planner will allow you to enjoy your holidays confident that all will go smoothly on your special day. Contact your wedding consultant for holiday wedding planning suggestions.