Tiny Touches Create Magic

Make your event special with tiny touches such as creative banners, bubble machines tucked into hidden corners, and a mixture of colors and patterns in your dishware.

Don't be afraid to go Over The Top, after all, it's a party!

Here are a few other ideas to turn your regular party to a memorable event:

Try using juice and fresh fruit for your ice cubes. It will make even simple beverages seem special. Sparkling water or club soda with juice, a few of the special ice cubes, and an umbrella or fruit spear will make your guests feel special and will create a lasting memory.

Bring out the paper lanterns, cover the tables in brightly colored linens, scatter candles in canning jars, and turn on the music!

Write notes on small pieces of paper or tags, and tuck into the centerpieces or tie tags around napkins as a napkin ring. Use fortune cookie sayings, or use old classic jokes as the messages. Have guests share their messages with other guests.

Put up umbrellas if shade is needed, and provide a basket of hand held fans to keep guests cool. If it's a cold day you can build a small campfire, and provide small blanket throws on the chairs. Bring out the marshmellows and graham crackers whenever possible!

Keep the camera handy, take lots of pictures and share the pictures and memories with your guests after the party.

Most important: Keep it simple, and let yourself enjoy the party.

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