Getting Started on Planning your Big Day

Get an early start on the plans for your wedding or special occasion, and save yourself a great deal of stress.
While some parts of the planning don't need to be done early, there are some important decisions to be made as soon as possible, such as choosing a location, securing a photographer and a caterer, as well as a D.J., if you will be requiring that service for your day. Locations and the above mentioned wedding vendors book up early, so get on their calendars, and sign a contract.

Visit local Bridal Fairs and check out wedding magazines for ideas. And while you may have always imagined a wedding using your favorite color, check out bridal salons for dresses for your attendants before finalizing your color scheme, as you may find it difficult to locate bridesmaids dresses in your desired color. It's easier to find the dresses, and then fill in with the other colors of your choice. It can be very frustrating to choose a color for your wedding, and then find that you cannot find coordinating clothing.

Remember to ask your florist about what flowers will be in season during the month you will be holding your wedding. Out of season flowers can be very expensive. Consider using live plants, or large hurricane candle holders as centerpieces to save money, and be more environmentally friendly.

Get started early, but don't stress. Your wedding planner can help make the planning process easier. Ask your planner for Greener or Eco-friendly choices , and money saving wedding planning ideas.

Historic Buildings as Event Venues

Take a look around your community for historic buildings while you are searching out an event venue. Many are city owned, which can save you money as they tend to be less expensive than privately owned facilities. Other benefits include a natural sophistication with the building's decor, and the special memories that are created when the celebration occurs in a unique building.
Contact your local wedding and event planner for suggestions on historic event venues.

Show Your Personality

Do you have a love of bright colors? Do you adore butterflies and big, bright daisies? If so, let your individuality and personality shine on your big day. Take a chance and go for a more non-traditional set of colors. When it's time to shop you can skip the "wedding" aisles, and head over to another department, and find items that say "YOU".
Be brave, remember that this is your wedding, and it should reflect your personality.

No matter what colors and themes you choose, try to think about being more environmentally conscience. Live plants, soy candles, hand held fans (for cooling), umbrellas for shade, fabric table covers and napkins, and reusable dishware can go a long way at making your day spectacular while still being kind to the environment.

Talk with your wedding planner about decorating ideas that break the traditional wedding mold, and greener, or eco-friendly options. Have fun