Tips for keeping organized

So many details to keep in order...however can you keep everything organized?

You may find it convenient to create a folder where you can keep all of your event notes, especially when you begin to accumulate a mountainous stack of tiny notes. Consolidate your notes into a few sheets, or organize those papers into topics for easy access when needed. You may find it convenient to keep receipts and fabric swatches with you in the folder as well. Place the folder in an easy to reach location, and take the folder with you when out gathering supplies, or meeting with event vendors.

The following is a list of items that are frequently needed for organizing an event. Be sure to write down contact phone numbers, and document payment information, and due dates.

* Date of event
* Location
* Contact information for location manager
* Payment information on location
* Theme and colors
* Info on each vendor (Caterer, DJ, Photographer, Florist, Musicians, Planner, Baker, etc...)
* List of rental equipment, with delivery info and price
* Time line of event
* Copy of invitation
* RSVP list
* Decoration description and list of supplies
* Favors & other guest considerations (such as tents, umbrellas, heaters)
* Extra info on misc items (t-shirts, signage, transportation, activities, hotel arrangements, etc...)

Keeping organized will help you stay on track and will make planning your event much less stressful. Your event planner can assist you in organizing your event, and in putting together your event folder. Events Extraordinaire can help with as little or as much as you need. Call 209-928-9735 or visit for more information.