Think outside the box when choosing colors and decorations for your wedding or special event. Go beyond the expected when designing your decorations and color schemes.
What feeling are you working to create? Are you envisioning country chic, classic white on white, or an international feeling? Tiny touches help to bring those ideas to life.
Contact your wedding or event planner for suggestions, and together you can make your ideas come to life.

Surprising Memorable Moments

Surprise your guests with an unexpected Grand Entrance or Exit. Maybe you will choose a horse and carriage, such as the one pictured above, or maybe it's a classic car. Another fun idea is turning the walk from the ceremony area to the reception area into a Parade, complete with drums, bells and whistles. Or pass out bottles of bubbles, and shower the couple in bubbles as you make the walk.
Discuss your ideas with your wedding planner or event venue coordinator, together you can create a fun and unexpected memory of your special day.

Personalizing To Make the Day Yours

Personalize your wedding, and let your individuality shine. Share the things or places that you love with your special guests. Whether you choose a cake topper with your initials, or photographs from the trip you took together to the Olympics, these personal touches will move your wedding from the typical to the memorable.
It's all about getting Personal.