Save the Date

We all live busy lives, and have calendars that fill up quickly, so don't forget to get the word out to your family and friends as soon as you have picked the date for your special event. Your "Save the Date" information can go out as much as a year in advance, but most guests will agree that three months notice is more than sufficient.

Using the computer to create electronic Save the Date notices is becoming more common, and is a recommended method by those encouraging Green or Eco Friendly Wedding Planning. Using the telephone is another eco-friendly method.

For the more traditionally minded, sending out a postcard, or an item such as a magnet, which is personalized with your picture is another special way to share the news of your upcoming special day.

Create your guest list, let your imagination run free, and get those Save the Date cards or announcements out as early as possible. Your wedding planner can assist you in finding the perfect announcement.

Being prepared for surprises

Your wedding day is planned for mid-June, and you live in an area with traditionally dry weather conditions at that time of year, so you feel safe that your outdoor wedding will come off without a hitch, but truthfully there is no such thing as a "dry weather guarantee".

The possibility of wet weather is just one situation that requires consideration as you make your wedding plans. Could the location you've chosen experience un-seasonable snow, extreme heat, or possibly strong winds? What is your contigency plan for these situations? Would reserving a tent solve the problem, or have you researched indoor locations that could work in a pinch? By having the research done in advance, and a "stand-by plan" ready, just in case, you will save yourself the stress involved should the situation arrive.

Your wedding planning specialist can assist you with making your back up plan, and offer suggestions for addressing these conditions. A little advance consideration can save a lot of trouble later. And while having a wedding on the beach may have been your idea of a dream wedding, it is wise to be flexible, and understanding when your planner suggests you move the event indoors. The comfort and safety of your family and friends should always be a primary concern. Remember you can always have a second ceremony on the beach in Hawaii while on your honeymoon.

So, check with your wedding planner, or other wedding planning specialist, and come up with a back up plan for your outdoor wedding. Advance planning will ensure your day is perfect - and just the way you want it to be.