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Events Extraordinaire Wedding and Event Planning
Each wedding and party is special to us, and we love what we do.  It has been a pleasure to assist you with your special event, and we truly look forward to helping with the weddings and special occasions to come.

We can help you with as little or as much as you need.  Whether you need help from the beginning, or whether you have everything planned and just need 
assistance with day of coordinating, we are happy to help.

Rustic and Romantic Wedding and Event Venues

Union Hill Inn, Sonora, California
If you are looking for a rustic and romantic location for holding your wedding or special event you can call your local wedding and event planner, and they can help you find the perfect location for your special day.
Many areas have hidden gems, such as the location shown in this photo, and your planner can help you find the venue of your dreams.
Events Extraordinaire is familiar with locations in Tuolumne and Calavares Counties.  We can also assist you in connecting with the other specialty wedding and event vendors you will need to create your perfect day.

Not Your Ordinary Seating Charts

 A simple chart on an easel can work effectively at letting your guests know where they should be seated, but with a little extra time and imagination you can turn your seating chart into a wedding your guests will remember.
We can assist you in creating a seating chart that will set your wedding apart from others.  
Events Extraordinaire can help make the wedding of your dreams a reality.

Touches of home

The family's collection of vintage blue canning jars became the theme of this April wedding.  The family even had special blue cookies made in the shape of canning jars.  It was a special touch, and was a great way to highlight something unique from their family.
What special touch from home could you use?
Events Extraordinaire can assist you in making your special day personal and memorable.

Capturing Special Moments

Capturing those fun and special moments from your wedding is easier than ever, 
especially with most people carrying their cameras or their phones with cameras.
Sharing these photos can be made easier by setting up an Instagram or Twitter account and create your personal "#".  Place signs around your reception, and encourage your guests to take pictures and share them with you.
Some wedding couples are leaving notes on the tables requesting guests "to capture the following events", and place things on the list such as 
Cake Cutting, Dad & Bride Dance, And Pictures of Everyone at your Table.
Viewing photos on line can be fun for everyone, and making a special book
of your day is easy and the books can be shared.
Ask your wedding planner for additional information on photo sharing.

Cute Baby Shower Display

Here is an example on how gifts can be displayed at a baby shower.
Everyone enjoys seeing the sweet, tiny outfits, so before the party hang a clothesline inside the party room, and assign someone to hang the clothes as you open the gifts.
Be sure to attach the cards to the outfits so you can remember who gave you what,
This idea allows guests to see the gifts, plus it adds a cute decoration to the room.
Ask your party planner for additional ideas for making your party fun and unique.
We can assist you in making the party stress-free and fun-filled.

Special and Unique Weddings and Receptions

Your special day is made unique by adding personal touches.  
Fresh fruit, live grape vines, handmade hearts, homemade jelly, beeswax candles, 
are just a few examples of personalization.
Creative lighting also makes an impact, as demonstrated with the 
overhead lighting and candles.
Color can also set your special day apart from others, as you see with the 
brown, green, red and lavender table settings.
As your planner, we can assist you create an event that is personally yours.
Wedding and Event Planning is our specialty, and we are always happy to help.

Beautiful Backyard Wedding

This gorgeous reception was held at home.  Creating a special location at your home is possible with some imagination, and some work.  Stringing extra lighting and renting the dining furniture, together with the gorgeous centerpieces, floral arrangements and linens created a breathtaking reception area.Events Extraordinaire can assist you in designing and executing the transformation.Give us a call, we are always happy to help with any of your wedding or event planning.

It's not too early to start planning your special day

Though it may be a year or more away, it's not too early to start with the major portion of your planning decisions. Your wedding event specialists and locations book up early, so make those appointments and sign your contracts as early as possible. Start your planning with a location, and be open to a few dates, as many locations are booked a year or more in advance. Be flexible, if possible, and check into mid-week discounts.
Once your date and location are booked, contact your photographer, musicians or D.J.'s and caterers as soon as possible. Good wedding vendors also book up early, so don't hesitate to make those contacts early.
When choosing your wedding colors, it is suggested that you take a look at wedding attendant clothing shops for a glimpse of what colors are available for your wedding party. You can save a great deal of money if you find clothing that is available at shops, rather than needing to have clothing custom made. Since not all colors are available at all times in retail stores, you can avoid the frustration of choosing a color that may no longer be available by checking out the bridal salons in advance of making your final color decisions.
Start the planning process now, and save yourself a lot of stress later. Contact your wedding planner for ideas on decorations, favors, invitations, clothing, locations, wedding services specialists and more.

Mixing Old With New

Your wedding or special event becomes One Of a Kind with tiny touches and details, mixing together Old and New items.

Pictured at the right, you will see the table displays a collection of old books and canning jars, used in a creative way. The bride made the table numbers with embroidery hoops, and the needlework was time consuming, but worth the effort.  

Embracing the personality of your event venue, and gathering together items that are special to you, together with items you may need to rent, your event will be special and One of a Kind.

Contact us for design ideas. We are happy to assist you in creating the special day of your dreams.  Events Extraordinaire Wedding and Event Planning.

Personalize your wedding or special event

With a little imagination you can make your wedding special by adding personal touches to your decor and favors. The wedding pictured was a wonderful example of making the day "Their Own" with stories on the table decorations, and the S'mores as their favor.
The entire day was filled with items special to the bride and groom.
How did you meet? What do you and that special someone like to do together? Where have you traveled together? What is the hobby or vocation that you two share?  Think about your common interests or memories, and share them with your guests at your wedding.
Ask your wedding planner for suggestions.  We can assist you in making your day special and personal.