Make parties at home special.

It's easy to make every party special, even when it's held at your own home.

Renting extra tables and chairs, and linens, dishes & utensils, if needed, help make everyone comfortable, and take the party from fun to fantastic.

Choose your theme, take a look at things you may already have around the house and garden, check out the local discount stores, and bring your dream to life.  Make every occasion an event to remember!

Going Green Not Just a Trend

In 2008 it seemed like everywhere I looked I found Green "this and that". Green was "The Word" of 2008, and everyone was on the bandwagon encouraging a newer and Greener way of thinking - on every subject under the sun - from cleaning products to automobiles. It is my hope that Thinking Green was not a trend, but the beginning of a new way of life. Greener choices in all aspects of our lives are available, and it is important to make the effort to "Go Green" whenever possible.
Earth friendly Party Planning options are one way to make a change towards Going Green. Consider how each decision you make in your party planning process affects the environment, and consider using a more environmentally friendly alternative.
We at Events Extraordinaire can assist you with incorporating greener options, and with locating eco friendly products.
Each of us making small steps towards a greener lifestyle can make a big difference.
Check out our Greener Events page at, or visit our Eco Friendly Event Blog at:
Contact us for more information, and have fun planning your next Green Event!

Here to help you plan your next party

Wanted to remind you that Events Extraordinaire is here to help you make your next party or event fun and nearly stress-free! We can help you with as little or as much as you need, from the early planning stages to the final clean up.
We are always happy to help, so give us a call or visit our web site. There is never an obligation to hire us, maybe you just need help finding the perfect florist or D.J. - Call! We are happy to be of assistance.
Additionally, we are , Green Event Planning Specialists so ask about ways you can make your parties or events spectacular while being kinder to the environment.
We look forward to hearing from you, and to helping you make your next party a success.
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