Seasonal Party Planning

The long, lazy days of summer are drawing to a close, and it's time to turn our thoughts to the colorful and cozy fall themes. Gather together fruits and vegetables from your garden (or local Farmers Market), add orange, gold and red mums and scatter around your dinner table to create a warm autumn feel. Draping burlap or gauze can also create a fun fall feeling.
Think outside the box, and bring the outdoors in! Tin buckets and baskets can make perfect containers for your flower arrangements and food service. Let your imagination soar!
Enjoy the cooler weather, and embrace your fall parties.
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Every party can be special!

There is always a reason to celebrate! Getting together with family and friends is always fun, whether it's a birthday, another special occasion, or just a spur of the moment BBQ. Making the party memorable is easy with a few little touches of creativity.

Add a little fun to the event with some unexpected details, such as colorful linens, unusual food combinations, theme inspired dishware and utensils, or creative decorations. A few sea shells placed on the buffet table help set the mood at your tropical themed party, and football shaped snack bowls can add a little fun to your next Super Bowl party. Stacking books in various levels and directions, and then placing candles and food platers on top, can be just the little touch needed to perk up your next book group party.

Having a gathering for your family and friends is always an opportunity for making memories, so take a few minutes to surprise your guests with a few little fun details, and don't forget to keep the camera handy. And also remember that sometimes the best party touches are simply pictures displayed from your last gathering. Whatever you choose, have fun and let your imagination run wild.

Give us a call if you'd like to make your next get together special and less stressful. Events Extraordinaire can help make your next party fun and easy.

Tiny Touches Create Magic

Make your event special with tiny touches such as creative banners, bubble machines tucked into hidden corners, and a mixture of colors and patterns in your dishware.

Don't be afraid to go Over The Top, after all, it's a party!

Here are a few other ideas to turn your regular party to a memorable event:

Try using juice and fresh fruit for your ice cubes. It will make even simple beverages seem special. Sparkling water or club soda with juice, a few of the special ice cubes, and an umbrella or fruit spear will make your guests feel special and will create a lasting memory.

Bring out the paper lanterns, cover the tables in brightly colored linens, scatter candles in canning jars, and turn on the music!

Write notes on small pieces of paper or tags, and tuck into the centerpieces or tie tags around napkins as a napkin ring. Use fortune cookie sayings, or use old classic jokes as the messages. Have guests share their messages with other guests.

Put up umbrellas if shade is needed, and provide a basket of hand held fans to keep guests cool. If it's a cold day you can build a small campfire, and provide small blanket throws on the chairs. Bring out the marshmellows and graham crackers whenever possible!

Keep the camera handy, take lots of pictures and share the pictures and memories with your guests after the party.

Most important: Keep it simple, and let yourself enjoy the party.

Contact Events Extraordinaire if you need help with your next party or event. We are always happy to help.

Getting Healthier for your wedding or event

Getting yourself healthier before your wedding, or other special event is as easy as getting up and going for a walk. By walking for a minimum of 30 minutes for 5 days per week you will notice an increase in your energy level, a decrease in your stress levels, and likely a decrease in your weight, or in the fit of your clothes.

Start with a small walk if you haven't exercised in a while, and gradually build up to 30-60 minutes of vigorous walking. Walking works most muscle groups, while being gentler to your joints than running or other aerobic exercises.

Walking with a friend is always a great idea as it provides companionship as you walk, plus you are more likely to show up for your scheduled walk if you know someone is depending on you.

Make walking a part of your daily routine, and you will be surprised how great you will be feeling in just a short time. Get up - Get out and Get walking. A new and healthier you is just around the corner!

Your wedding planner may be able to assist you in locating a gym, a personal trainer or possibly suggest fitness related materials.

Tips for keeping organized

So many details to keep in order...however can you keep everything organized?

You may find it convenient to create a folder where you can keep all of your event notes, especially when you begin to accumulate a mountainous stack of tiny notes. Consolidate your notes into a few sheets, or organize those papers into topics for easy access when needed. You may find it convenient to keep receipts and fabric swatches with you in the folder as well. Place the folder in an easy to reach location, and take the folder with you when out gathering supplies, or meeting with event vendors.

The following is a list of items that are frequently needed for organizing an event. Be sure to write down contact phone numbers, and document payment information, and due dates.

* Date of event
* Location
* Contact information for location manager
* Payment information on location
* Theme and colors
* Info on each vendor (Caterer, DJ, Photographer, Florist, Musicians, Planner, Baker, etc...)
* List of rental equipment, with delivery info and price
* Time line of event
* Copy of invitation
* RSVP list
* Decoration description and list of supplies
* Favors & other guest considerations (such as tents, umbrellas, heaters)
* Extra info on misc items (t-shirts, signage, transportation, activities, hotel arrangements, etc...)

Keeping organized will help you stay on track and will make planning your event much less stressful. Your event planner can assist you in organizing your event, and in putting together your event folder. Events Extraordinaire can help with as little or as much as you need. Call 209-928-9735 or visit for more information.