Holiday Party Planning

Festive Holiday Parties

Make your holiday season parties easier by recruiting friends or family members with your planning. Gather together your holiday decorations, dishes and favorite recipes and celebrate the holidays with a special get together.
Choose a theme as you begin your planning, and work your ideas around this. Do you want to go for a Country Christmas with sleigh bells and strings of berries and popcorn? Or do you want to go for the Sparkle? Burlap runners scattered with holly and pine cones will reinforce your country feel, while silver chargers and artificial snow will highlight your sparkly theme.
Check with your event planning specialist for additional ideas or rental sources. Call 209-928-9735. Events Extraordinaire is always happy to help.
Make your holiday season special and start planning that holiday party now.

Celebrate the changing of the seasons

Gather together your friends and family, and celebrate the changing of the seasons with foods and decorations from your garden (or a friend's garden). Collect leaves and use them to highlight your table by placing them under a clear, glass plate. You can write the names of your guests on the leaves, or use a piece of fruit as a place card
Unbleached linens and burlap covers add to the harvest theme, and providing blanket throws for your guests can allow you to move the party out of doors, even when the weather gets cooler.
Enjoy the cooler days of fall, and celebrate the changing of the seasons.
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Small Details Make Big Memories

Adding small, unexpected details to your table settings and decorations can add a big impact to your event. These small additions can set your event apart from others.

Try adding miniature items such as seashells, pine cones, photographs, monograms, fruit, or other items that go along with your theme, to your bouquets, centerpieces, to the cake, etc... You can have a pine cone stenciled onto your napkins, or have a large monogram made for the wall behind your head table, or cake table. (check out this site for custom signs and monograms:

Be creative when designing your decorations, and try using edible centerpieces and favors to keep guests happy while they wait at their tables.

Events Extraordinaire can help you design your next party - and make it fun and memorable.

Choosing your color schemes

Would you consider combining orange and black for an April wedding, or red and green for a June celebration? Your favorite color is purple, and your fiance's "old school color" is red, and both of you have always imagined your weddings would be highlighting these what can you do?

First try to remember that this is a special day for both of you, and that this is just one of the first issues that will come along that may require compromising. Learning to work together while planning your wedding will strengthen your problem solving abilities later in your marriage.

Having said that, we still don't know what to do when color combinations seem hopeless. But, don't give up hope, all combinations can work with a bit of tweaking and flexibility. Think about some of these suggestions, and see if they may help you to achieve a balance between his ideas and yours.

Clashing color combos....
1. Check the color charts to see if there is a shade of the desired color that blends or accents the other color. A soft shade of orange (peach) with black tuxedos can work year-round, rather than looking like Halloween.
2. Choose a white background and add a block of one color and splashes of the other.
3. Play with the combinations till you find one that works. Take paint color swatches or cards and combine them in a variety of combinations. You may never have thought you'd be happy with an Orange and Pink wedding, but you may be amazed at how much energy is created with this combination, especially against a white background.

Looks like Christmas...Red and Green
1. Try a splash of the accent color, rather than large blocks of both the red and green colors.
2. Go white with bold green and tiny red accents (or visa versa).
3. Use the color charts, again, and try shades of red that aren't associated with Christmas, such as Rust, Magenta, or Very-hot pink.
4. Or use the color chart to find unexpected versions of green, such as Lime, Khaki, or Sage.
5. Use decorations in the color scheme that don't represent the holiday, such as apples, limes, cherries, grapes, or red daisies.

Use the colors in creative ways....
1. Use a screen behind your cake that is made of doorway beads or discs.
2. Line the walkways with colored solar lamps, luminaries or candles.
3. Uplight the building walls with colored lamps, creating a colorful addition to an othewise white room.
4. Carry "His" color in your bouquet as a sign of affection.
5. Mix and match flower arrangements on the tables with both colors in varying shades and sizes.
6. Have two cakes - one with his colors and one with yours. Eat both.
7. Have the dance floor lit with changing lights - your colors and his.
8. Have the wedding decorations in one color, and the reception or appetizer area decorated in the other.
9. Celebrate the reasons why each of you have a love of these specific colors. Pink may have been your favorite color since you were a little girl, and he has always loved a particular sports team, or the color of the ocean.
10. Remember that you love the person you are marrying, and you are starting a great tradition of compromise early on in your relationship by being flexible in this decision.

Remember that you can always ask your wedding planner for suggestions or samples. Your florists and cake professionals will be able to work with you no matter what colors you choose, so let your colors express your personalities and passions.

Make your events memorable with fun, silly games.
Old fashioned sack races are always a hit at family gatherings, or at your company picnic, and other game supplies are as easy as digging through your kitchen gadget drawer. Make contestants carry stacks of household sponges on a pancake spatula, or carry marshmallows with slotted spoons. Games bring people together, for fun and team building. Use your imagination and make your next picnic unforgettable.
Events Extraordinaire can assist you with your next party or event. Give us a call.

Spring has Sprung...

Spring is in the air, and now is the time for planning that special summer party or wedding. As the days grow longer, we feel energized, and this is the perfect time for jumping forward with your party and wedding plans.

What big event do you have in mind? Have you made your guest lists, and secured your location? What will you use for linens and dinnerware? Will you need musicians or a DJ? Will you need flowers or other types of centerpieces? Will you require a rental dance floor, special lighting, or a portable bar? What other rental equipment will you need, and where will you get these items? Are you going to send out formal invitations? As you can see, there are many things to consider when planning a large event, and we can help you every step of the way, or as little as you need.

Have you considered hosting a Green Event? Did you know that we specialize in Greener or Eco-friendly Party planning, and we can make your event spectacular, while still being gentle to the environment. Simple changes to traditional planning can make a huge difference, and we are eager to share these ideas with you.

Give us a call, as there is never an obligation to hire us. We are always happy to help, and will always strive to make your party the day of your dreams.
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Tuolumne County Wedding and Party Planning

What are your plans for 2010? Are you planning a wedding or special event? Do you have your lists and supplies ready for the Big Day? Do you need help? Well, we are here to assist you in making your next special event perfect, and we will keep you from going crazy at the same time.

We are very familiar with Tuolumne County's special event vendors and are always happy to help you to find the specialists that you will need to make your day a wonderful experience for you and your guests. Events Extraordinaire is a small business, but our expertise is great, and we can make your dream event a breeze!

We specialize in Greener or Eco-Friendly party planning, and can help you make your special day gentler to the environment while still being spectacular and economical.

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