Embrace the Season!

Embrace the uniqueness of each season, and let Nature be your guide. It's creative and more eco-friendly.
Cluster groups of items, such as the above pictured pumpkins for maximum impact. Other options would be to place out baskets or bowls of apples, pinecones, nuts or other seasonal finds. Repeat the theme idea in your monograms, invitation artwork, favor packaging, programs or other stationary, to make the decorations memorable. Tie clusters of acorns or small pinecones into your bouquets and centerpieces. Use small pinecones with small notes attached as your "reserved" signs.
Another special cool weather idea is to provide small blanket throws at the ceremony area. Make small lap throws with square pieces of fleece, which requires no hemming. Cut into a square - fringe the edges - and presto - a unique and useful wedding favor. Imagine the surprise on the faces of your guests when they find a lovely little blanket sitting on their chair. What about a plaid blanket to further expand on the outdoorsy theme.
Go for the unexpected, and reach for nature's bounty! Enjoy your fall and winter special days.
Contact your wedding planner for additional wedding favor and decorating ideas.