Wedding Memories to Take Home

Wedding Favors are a tradition that goes as far back as weddings...and your wedding favor can be as elaborate or as simple as you'd like.

What is your "
Wedding Dream"? Are you desiring the sparkle and glitz of a wedding suitable for a Princess, or are you more interested in letting your passions, or your views and values be represented at your wedding? Let your favor express the "Real You", be creative, and remember the sky is the limit. It is important to remember, though, that when designing your favor you must keep in mind that you are providing a gift for each guest invited to your wedding, and the expense of the favor can get high, and you should keep your budget in mind.

The following is a list of wedding favor ideas. The majority of the favors are useful, or edible.
Events Extraordinaire can assist you in creating the perfect favor for your special day, and can allow you the opportunity to create a lasting memento of your Dream Wedding.

INEXPENSIVE FAVORS (Attach personalized tags with ribbons, or personalized labels)

1. Homemade cookies wrapped in tulle or baker's envelopes.
2. Bunches of lollipops.
3. A single candle placed at each setting.
4. A packet of wildflower seeds.
5. A bag of mints.
6. A single delicious chocolate truffle or candy bar.
7. A piece of fresh fruit, or cluster of cherries.
8. A handmade fan printed with your wedding program.
9. Tea bags or coffee samples of assorted flavors.
10. Lavender sachets.
11. Honey sticks tied with ribbon.
12. A Baby tree to be planted in the guest's yard.
13. Wrapped guest soaps.
14. Tiny jars of jam or honey.
15. A wedding ceremony program with photographs and a short biography.


1. A bottle of wine with personalized labels.
2. A donation to a favorite charity.
3. Crystal votives with scented candles.
4. A slice of wedding cake in a crisp white box.
5. Custom-burned CDs with your favorite music.
6. Miniature picture frames.
7. Potpourri or lavender wrapped in a handkerchief.
8. Packages of gourmet chocolates.
9. Engraved Place Cards.
10. Christmas ornaments in your wedding colors, personalized with your names and wedding dates.
11. Sun hats or umbrellas.
12. Personalized champagne flutes.

New Favor ideas:

1. Set up a Candy Store where guests fill their bags with candies of their choice.
2. Photo Booth.
3. Henna painting station.

Have fun choosing just the right wedding favor. Embrace your family traditions, your hobbies or pets, your passion for being environmentally friendly, or let out your Inner Princess. Let your imagination go wild.